The 15 best places to live in the US

Story excerpt provided by NY Post.

Written by Becky Dalzell.

American cities seem to have upped their game all at once. From hosting the best craft beer breweries in America to boasting enticing bike trails and some of the best national parks in the US, some of our country’s cities are livable paradises. Although higher rents often follow top school programs, incredible cultural offerings and the opening of culinary destinations, some towns have managed to balance incredible allure with affordability. Analyzing their unique appeal, affordable rents, top-notch school systems, cultural events, green spaces, amazing weather and overall safety, we hereby rank the cities and towns that are considered the best places to live in the US right now. And, just in case you weren’t looking to move but just take a trip, check out the best family vacations in America.

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Originally published September 14, 2016.

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