Virteom Builds Technology to Simplify Business

Written by Barb Consiglio.

For companies selling goods directly to consumers, knowing customer habits and buying trends is the roadmap to success. Having tools in place that let you reach customers in the ways they find most appealing could mean the difference between sink or swim. Virteom in Avon, Ohio, does the work of simplifying these critical processes. The company builds websites, develops e-commerce systems and designs mobile apps that are specifically tailored to personalized business needs.

“I’ve learned over time that sales and marketing don’t really get along because they clash over whose efforts deserve more credit. But their relationship is essential to running a successful business,” said Dan Carbone, Founder & CEO of Virteom. “I wanted to create a technology that could connect the two and clear up the relationship between these efforts. With Virteom, if a sale is made, we can go back and pinpoint how many email campaigns the customer opened, which pages of the website they visited and so on. It gives a clearer picture of how to direct sales and marketing efforts.”

Virteom’s team of engineers and developers approach each project with a customized approach, tailoring their work to a client’s individual needs, with the end goal of helping them operate more efficiently. For example, Virteom developed software and a mobile app to manage a network of digital lockbox systems used across the real estate industry. They’re operated through a smartphone’s Bluetooth connection and gather data about the listing such as how many times the property’s been shown, and when.

In addition to individualized solutions, Virteom offers a sales and marketing platform called TouchConvert, which helps a company bring new customers to its website through search engine optimization, social media integration, email campaigns and web visitor analytics. The company also provides real-time data on clicks and sales with the built-in customer relationship management software.

Carbone has extensive experience in engineering and marketing, a unique combination of skills in the technology industry. This uncommon skillset put Carbone in a unique position to identify technological shortcomings in both the business and marketing worlds. After years of working at EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young), Carbone co-founded SyncShow Interactive, a digital marketing agency personalized for the manufacturing industry. He discovered a disconnect in the industry between sales and marketing, and created Virteom to address it.

“The way to solve problems is to realize that less is more. And that’s exactly our approach to building our technology,” said Carbone. “Everyone is trying to build all of these bells and whistles but it’s really all about asking ourselves, ‘How can we simplify and streamline?’”

Creating the TouchConvert platform was Carbone’s first development with Virteom. He was able to build it with the financial support of the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE), a northeast Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. There were also outside private investors and support from Bizdom, a startup accelerator founded by Quicken Loans’ Dan Gilbert. In addition, Virteom is involved in JumpStart’s Burton D. Morgan Mentoring Program, another Ohio Third Frontier partner in northeast Ohio. Carbone says the guidance of these mentors has been invaluable in helping to navigate the early stages of a business.

Virteom has leveraged its technology to help more than 50 companies implement new sales and marketing processes with TouchConvert, and hope further success will help grow their reputation in the industry. Carbone is working to capture some of the market dominated by big name players in Silicon Valley and contribute to the tech renaissance happening here in Ohio.

“We’re really big on trying to grow technology in Ohio. People need to see that it’s not all about the coasts. We have fantastic resources right here,” said Carbone. “If we can build this company up and show that it’s possible to live and thrive as a tech entrepreneur in our region, we think we could build something pretty great.”

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