Emanate Wireless Keeps Medical Equipment in Good Health

By Barb Consiglio

Improper maintenance of medical resources could literally mean the difference between life or death for a patient. Emanate Wireless of Cleveland, Ohio, offers products designed to eliminate those possibilities entirely by monitoring the performance of clinical assets that patients and medical professionals routinely rely on.

Emanate’s technology tracks power consumption and internal temperatures of devices, such as refrigeration systems housing sensitive medical materials, and can detect abnormalities like open doors, overworked compressors and AC power outages. If any indicator deviates from the permitted range, Emanate’s system will alert healthcare professionals, enabling them to make preventative adjustments before things go awry.

“Imagine having to explain to someone that the organ or tissue they’re due to receive, or the pharmaceuticals they rely on are no longer usable,” said Dan Cusick, VP of Customer Development at Emanate Wireless. “We had a situation where a pharmacy refrigerator began failing in the middle of the night. We were able to provide an alert based on our monitoring, four hours before the unit would have failed. This alert saved about $150,000 worth of pharmaceuticals.”

In addition to Emanate Wireless’ cost-saving potential, the technology can enhance workflow and greatly simplify regulatory compliance. Their system drives staff efficiency by fully automating the data logging process in the clinic and providing alerts as needed. Where previously nurses monitored and recorded critical indicators like temperature and power levels on devices manually, Emanate’s technology now handles the process automatically.

The idea for Emanate Wireless can be traced back to a spectrum analysis company Cognio, where most of Emanate’s management team worked in the early 2000s. Years later, after engaging in discussions about asset utilization modeling with Cleveland Clinic’s clinical engineering team, an idea was born and the group of entrepreneurs launched the company.

Emanate Wireless has received mentorship and support from BioEnterprise, a northeast Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. BioEnterprise helped develop Emanate’s investor pitch, introduced them to their vast network within the biotech community, and ultimately facilitated investment in the company. Cusick says the organization’s continued support allowed them to focus on scaling the business, expanding their offerings and broadening their portfolio by developing new innovations to address additional customer needs.

Emanate has already secured pivotal partnerships with major hospitals to deploy their technology, including a leading healthcare provider in northeast Ohio and one in central Pennsylvania. Primed for expansion in 2017, Emanate Wireless recognizes the value its location.

“Our intent is to continue to grow the company here in Cleveland and continue to develop our relationship with leading hospitals,” said Cusick. “Cleveland is a major center in the healthcare space, so the resources available to us here would be hard to beat anywhere else.”

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