Why Ohio Is The Best State In America To Launch A Start Up

Photo via orosapparel.com

Story excerpt provided by Forbes.

Written by Peter Lane Taylor.

Oros Apparel co-founder Michael Markesbery comes across like a prototypical Silicon Valley Millennial start-up CEO. He’s 25 with a stubbly shave, prone to wearing an occasional hoodie with headphones, and just nailed down his first $1.2 million seed round. He talks in typical Palo Alto speak, casually throwing around phrases like “early stage prototype” and “value proposition”. So you know he’s spent days rehearsing his pitch.

But Markesbery doesn’t live in the Bay Area. He’s Cincinnati born and raised. And his NASA-inspired performance apparel start-up is a case study in why Ohio is fast becoming the best state in America to launch a start-up.

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Originally published February 20, 2017.

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