Infiniscene Makes Live Streaming Simple

Written by Seamus Kelleher.

Live video streaming has experienced a boom in popularity in recent years. While the number of live stream viewers continues to grow rapidly, the number of content creators is lagging behind. Creating engaging, professional content can be tedious and time-consuming, and not everybody has the know-how to do it. With live video gaining prominence and the deficit growing between content viewers and creators, Infiniscene in Toledo, Ohio, built a cloud-based software to make it easy for anyone to broadcast professional live video.

“Over the last few years, live stream services such as Twitch and YouTube have blown up. There’s a growing market for live streaming, particularly among video gamers. Twitch is the most popular, but it has over 150 million monthly viewers compared to just 1.7 million broadcasters,” said Aaron Hassell, co-founder and COO of Infiniscene.” I think it’s just too complicated for most people to set up a good live stream.”

The challenge for broadcasters is properly configuring technical settings such as bitrates, codecs and stream keys to produce high-quality streaming that viewers want to tune into. Infiniscene takes the sophisticated tech work out of it, adjusting the settings for you. The software is launched right from your browser and powered by the cloud. Users simply log in, load content, and quickly broadcast high-quality live video to audiences on popular streaming platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Infiniscene was born from a group of gaming industry veterans who witnessed the rise of live streaming, and were bothered by the expertise required to set one up. They wanted to leverage their technical backgrounds to make broadcasting more accessible, so they got to work on building their idea for a simple, browser-based broadcasting studio. The team developed a minimum viable product in about nine months, and Infiniscene was born. The next step was to seek out programs and resources for the additional support they needed to scale the company.

Infiniscene is a member of the University of Toledo’s Launchpad Incubation Program, a northwest regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. Launchpad provides the company office space, mentors to bounce ideas off of, and assistance writing and securing grant money. Support from Launchpad has helped Infiniscene develop its technology and grow from five employees to 13 since 2014. In addition to being a member of Launchpad, Infiniscene graduated from the startup accelerator Techstars Chicago’s 2015 class.

Hassell believes Infiniscene can set the industry standard by making professional, high-quality live content simple to create. Infiniscene is looking to build a reputation for developing creative technologies while maintaining a fun and engaging culture. Hassell credits the people and startup community of Ohio for supporting Infiniscene’s early success.

“Ohio presents a unique and growing opportunity for entrepreneurs to start out and establish themselves,” said Hassell. “There are a lot of very talented people in this state and throughout the Midwest. The idea that you need to go to New York or San Francisco to find passionate people is simply not true. We have smart, creative, hard workers right here.”

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