Local Entrepreneurs Are Funding Franklinton’s New Educational Garden

Story excerpt provided by Columbus Underground.

Written by Lauren Sega.

When you’re growing up in a food desert, knowing which food is healthy, where to get it, and how to cook it doesn’t come as naturally as it should. Franklinton Gardens, the non-profit behind the eight community gardens scattered throughout the neighborhood, is looking to change that for the neighborhood’s residents. With the help of a startup fund from Rev1 Ventures, Franklinton Gardens hopes to launch an educational garden by this fall.

The plan itself is still in its infancy. They’ve yet to build the actual plot, but they’re working with workforce development group Clean Turn, employing restored citizens to complete the manual labor around the project. Local development service Rev1 Ventures contributed with funding as well, naming Franklinton Gardens the first recipient of their START fund, launched in December.

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Originally published March 15, 2017.

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