Fuel Cell Technology Advances In Ohio

Story excerpt provided by WKSU.

Written by Tim Rudell.

Since the 1970s, fuel cells have been regarded in the energy world as the next big thing. But the technology wasn’t ready. Now, with 40 years of research and development, some say it’s time has come.

The 2017 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium in Lorain this past week drew from across the country. Organizer Pat Valente, executive director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, says Ohio is one of four fuel-cell technology exchange centers in the U.S. And Ohio is known for something that is a hot topic in the industry. “We work together and exchange information to lower the cost an increase the reliability of fuel cells. ‘Supply chain’ is a key component of that.  So this was definitely a supply chain oriented conference.”

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Originally published April 3, 2017.

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