Nvidia identifies the top 5 AI startups for social impact

Photo via genetesis.com

Story excerpt provided by VentureBeat.

Written by Dean Takahashi.

Nvidia is on a quest to find the best “social impact” artificial intelligence startups as part of a program called Nvidia Inception, which is screening more than 600 entrants to cull the best AI startups in three big categories…

…Chest pain results in 10 million visits to the emergency room each year in the U.S. It’s a $6.6 billion a year problem, and the ER has a hard time distinguishing between pain that is cardiac-related and the 75 percent of cases that are not.

Genetesis is using deep learning, sensors, and physics to diagnose chest pain properly, said Peeyush Shrivastava, CEO of Genetesis. Normally, you have to be hooked up to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine. But its results aren’t conclusive, so you have to then go through a six-hour test known as troponin. Those results aren’t conclusive either, so you may have to do a couple more tests…

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Originally published April 23, 3027.

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