ASPIRE 2017 – Entrepreneurial pathways

Story excerpt provided by Smart Business.

Written by Mark Scott.

Entrepreneurs tend to look at the world a little differently than other people.

They see the opportunity in every challenge. Ted Turner didn’t like the limited options for TV news in the early 1980s, so he launched a 24-hour cable news channel called CNN. Sir Richard Branson was frustrated with domestic air travel in the U.S., so he started Virgin America. Irene Rosenfeld couldn’t imagine a world where someone didn’t like Oreo cookies, so she led an effort to reach out to China and develop an Oreo cookie that better fit their taste.

LeBron James didn’t like the way he left things with Northeast Ohio sports fans. So he came back and led the Cavaliers to Cleveland’s first pro sports title since 1964. James has proven himself both on the court and in business in his quest to become a billionaire.

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Originally published May 1, 2017.

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