OneVuex Drives Workflow Efficiency

Written by Seamus Kelleher.

Research shows that the average worker spends a staggering 30%, or 2.5 hours, of their day searching for files or information. With businesses constantly looking for ways to cut costs and boost efficiency to improve their bottom lines, Bass International Software in Columbus, Ohio, developed a solution. The company, in partnership with Microsoft, developed OneVuex, a software designed to eliminate inefficiency. The product enables users to find files and information across their network in seconds.

“We live in an era of informational overload and we accumulate tons of data on networks over time. Managing it all is difficult, expensive and it causes strain on the network,” said Darrel Bass, founder and CEO of Bass International Software. “OneVuex is the first solution to unify the code of these independent software systems, so the user can access and make full use of their information, regardless of how old it is or where it’s located.”

OneVuex is a cloud-based software that unifies the code of programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, search engines, social media and web applications to make them compatible with one another. This common, unified language allows the user to search across the span of their network in one search, cutting out the time usually spent carrying out separate searches. This technology also enables users to run multiple applications simultaneously within OneVuex, which cuts down on network strain.

“If you look at almost anyone’s desktop in any industry today, they’re all doing the same thing. They’re running Word, Excel, PowerPoint. They’ve got their email and a web browser open,” said Bass. “We run so many programs simultaneously, but why? We built a solution that reduces a lot of network strain and makes for a more efficient workday.

Bass estimates that OneVuex will save companies a minimum of $1,800 per employee each month due to improvements in efficiency. OneVuex is designed for enterprises that have accumulated a large amount of data, allowing them to eliminate the cost of expensive hardware and on premise IT management. Bass, who’s previously worked for IBM and Xerox, is driven by the potential for technology to solve workflow shortcomings. The product has been independently endorsed by industry giant Gartner Research, and received support throughout the state of Ohio.

Bass International Software is a member of HCDC in Cincinnati, a southwest Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier and one of Ohio’s largest and oldest incubator programs. The software company operates out of Columbus offices and from offices inside HCDC. Bass credits their support for allowing OneVuex to, in his words, “take things to the next level.”

Moving forward, Bass is focused on getting OneVuex in front of more corporations. He’s confident, given the early support of industry leaders like Microsoft and Gartner Research, that OneVuex has the potential for worldwide adoption and he’s excited to explore new markets. Though the potential for OneVuex is global, Bass says Ohio is home for Bass International Software.

“Entrepreneurship in Ohio is great. We have access to tremendous talent and an ability to keep costs lower than other parts of the U.S. Everybody has been wonderful, and there’s certainly a spirit of community you sense in the state,” said Bass. “We’re lucky to have access to the resources we do between Cincinnati and Columbus.”


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