Local Companies and Non-Profits Bridge the Gender Gap in Technology

Photo via cooltechgirls.org

Story excerpt provided by Columbus Underground.

t’s no mystery that women are underrepresented in the fields of technology. Columbus Underground has reported on just that. But, companies are waking up to the issue of diversity, realizing that women and other minority groups offer perspectives that, until recently, have been largely missing from the corporate world.

Some are involved locally in initiatives on another front, looking to ensure that the next generation doesn’t have to play as much catchup. These programs, including Girl Develop It, Girls Who Code, CoolTechGirls and Techie Camp: Girl Power look a lot like Columbus’ tech community itself, bringing together businesses, non-profits, and neighborhood organizations to foster an appreciation and understanding of technology in girls at a young age.

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Originally published June 6, 2017.

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