LISNR and PILOT join Jaguar Land Rover incubator

Story excerpt provided by TechCrunch.

Written by Kristen Hall-Geisler.

Jaguar Land Rover has brought two new startups into its Portland Tech Incubator: LISNR and PILOT Automotive Labs. Previous cohorts at the incubator have ranged from parking apps to drones; these two continue to build on JLR’s creative approach to the automotive future.

LISNR uses ultrasonic audio to transmit data. That’s right — it transmits and receives sounds we can’t hear. LISNR calls them Smart Tones. Any two devices — two vehicles’ black boxes, say, or a car and a pedestrian with an enabled smartphone in their pocket — can send and receive messages once they’re in range of each other. All the devices need is a microphone or a speaker, depending on whether they’re sending or receiving, which keeps their power requirements low.

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Originally published June 14, 2017.

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