InXite Brings Value to New Healthcare Model

Traditional healthcare in the U.S. has long been a fee-for service system, where doctors and hospitals are compensated based on the number of services they deliver patients, such as tests and procedures. This system can result in doctors over-servicing patients, is expensive, and doesn’t account for changes in a patient’s health. Value-based care, emerging in Ohio and across the nation, addresses rising costs in health care by compensating medical professionals based on patient outcomes. InXite Health Systems in Columbus, Ohio, designed a data-driven solution to hold all parties accountable for the quality of service in health care.

“We gather information and create a unified care plan for the patient. Our technology and services track the patient between face-to-face doctor visits, keeping in contact to make sure they understand their care plan and are doing what is required like taking medicine regularly,” said James Paat, Founder and CEO of InXite. “If we discover issues, we can alert insurance providers, health care administrators, or whomever and let them know they’ve deviated from the prescribed plan, and why. They have an incentive to take action because their compensation is linked to patient outcomes.”

The app ensures that information flows, alerting respective parties—like pharmacists, government agencies and public health departments— in a timely manner so that they can intervene and make things right with providers and patients. In a system where value is determined by results, transparency is key. InXite’s app features a dashboard with a timeline of patient visits, and calculates risk scores based on factors such as physical activity or behavioral health. Its patient-facing app sends reminders for prescriptions and medical visits and incentivizes them to stick with their plan. Following the care plan earns a patient points that can be exchanged for cash. InXite holds each level of health care accountable and, as a result, looks to improve the standard of care and patient outcomes.

Paat is no stranger to information technology. The founder and CEO has built three companies to address inefficiencies in three unique industries, first in the financial sector, then law enforcement and now healthcare. The approach to each has been similar, focusing on gathering hard-to-access data and information and then compiling it. This extensive experience helped Paat and his team design InXite’s solution, which tackles issues in medicine, an industry marked by disparate, redundant or inaccessible records.

Paat developed InXite over the last three years at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC). DEC is a community partner of Rev1 Ventures, the central Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The DEC provides tenants with technological services such as a high-speed broadband network and data storage in a secure environment. InXite is expanding rapidly, recently securing multiple grants from JobsOhio to hire new talent and move to new offices.

“We’re rolling very fast right now, expanding quickly into several states. We’re aggressively hiring people to support the growth of the company, because we know the value we provide and the early results we’ve achieved,” said Paat. “The system improves health care at every level. Everybody wins. We think our service is vital, and we’re excited for the future. The perfect home for InXite is here in Ohio, where we have some of the best health systems in the world.”

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