OpteBiz Boosts Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing is an ongoing search for the perfect balance between product quality, cost of production and on-time delivery. Too low of a cost, and product quality is likely to suffer—leading to low sales and ultimately, low profits. Spend too much ensuring top quality, and even the highest of sales will struggle to meet production costs and turn a profit. Efficiency—processes that achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense—is king in commerce to achieve balance between quality and cost. That’s why OpteBiz in Toledo, Ohio, develops systems—from devices to the software they depend on—designed to optimize industrial efficiency.

“We are focused on the industrial internet of things (IIoT) at OpteBiz. Our services provide value to our customers by collecting and analyzing manufacturing data in real time to improve efficiency of operations,” said Paresh Dalwalla, President of OpteBiz. “We attach data-collection devices to machines which extract information like production throughput, downtime, energy levels, temperature or speed. That info is communicated to software, either cloud-based or in-house, that we’ve built to suit the client’s needs.”

The data collected by OpteBiz devices can be used to answer important questions about a facility’s operations; Are the machines producing at the rate they’re intended to? Are they producing the right quantity? Are they operating at the right energy levels? The data collected reports to the software in real time, which automatically analyzes these factors and informs users if anything is not operating under the right conditions. With those answers, facility managers can make adjustments to optimize their processes, reduce waste and improve product quality.

By informing businesses of shortcomings in their systems, OpteBiz helps them improve their efficiency—cutting down costs and increasing overall return on investment. Dalwalla says in the big picture, the benefits of OpteBiz’s full-scale, hardware-to-software services include enabling its customers to fight pricing pressures globally. By upgrading their clients’ existing infrastructures and improving processes, OpteBiz hopes to even out the industrial playing field and enable companies to compete with cheaper offshore alternatives. Their technology improves industrial systems, which results not only in improved profitability for manufacturers, but also better products for consumers.

OpteBiz developed its technology as a member of the LaunchPad Incubation Program, a northwest regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. LaunchPad provides the company with office space, mentorship and connections to local businesses which OpteBiz hopes to convert to customers. They’re looking to further develop their technology, simplify existing systems and proliferate their product in the market. They look forward to leveraging LaunchPad’s services to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, as well as their extensive network to raise capital to continue developing and growing.

“We’re excited to get our product into more facilities for trials. They will see for themselves what it can do for their operations,” said Dalwalla. “We’ll need to scale up our production. We’ve been putting efforts into research and development on machine learning and artificial intelligence as the next add-on to our solutions. We now want to focus on identifying new customers and opportunities with LaunchPad, and grow OpteBiz to a new level here in Ohio.”

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