A smart city, and a massive tourist attraction, rises in the Midwest

Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Story excerpt provided by RE Journals.

Written by Dan Rafter.

The first sports and entertainment “smart city” is taking shape now, and it’s rising firmly in the heart of the Midwest.

Johnson Controls and Hall of Fame Village LLC – a partnership between the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Industrial Realty Group – are working together to create the Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has long been a fairly sleepy museum. The changes coming to the site, though, will change that. The expansion project comes with a $700 million price tag, and will include 10 major venues. According to press from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the goal here is to create “the most inspiring place on Earth.”

Yes, that is a lofty goal.

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Originally published August 24, 2017.

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