Columbus Gamemakers Aren’t Playing Around

Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Mary Sterenberg.

Video games are big business. In Ohio alone, they’re $43 million big. Globally, we’re talking $91 billion—more than the music and movie industries combined—and growing rapidly.

It’s an industry that extends far beyond entertainment games. It includes creative technology such as mobile experiences, virtual reality, eSports, 3D printing and motion capture, and it has the potential to reach into nearly every other industry…

…For the last six years, Columbus-based Multivarious Games has been developing not only games out of its Franklinton office. It also has been developing relationships and the start of a local ecosystem of related businesses that could make central Ohio a major player in the explosive game development industry…

Click here to read the complete article.

Originally published September 4, 2017.

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