Cleveland becomes top center for biomedical technology: PD 175

Story excerpt provided by Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Written by Julie Washington .

CLEVELAND, Ohio — When David Long during the 1800s arrived in Cleveland as the city’s first doctor, he probably couldn’t fathom a day when patients could be cured with nanobots instead of leeches, and farms would be replaced by auto manufacturing, and later, biomedical technology buildings.

The spirit of medical innovation has long been a part of Cleveland’s fabric. In the early 1900s, Engeln Electric Co. developed an innovative tilting X-ray table at its Euclid Avenue facility, according to Dittrick Museum of Medical History.

Engeln Electric eventually became part of the Picker X-Ray Corp., the only producer of mobile X-ray machines for the Allies during World War II, according to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. By 1998, Picker had annual sales of $1.2 billion and 1,600 employees in Northeast Ohio, according to the encyclopedia.

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Originally published September 17, 2017.

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