Columbus 2020: Columbus Region Boasts a Robust IT Ecosystem

 Story excerpt provided by Columbus CEO.

Written by Mary Yost

Columbus is appearing on lists of the nation’s top cities for tech jobs.

Columbus has ranked No. 1 on CBRE Research’s third annual ranking of top tech talent in small markets and No. 5 on SmartAsset’s list of Top 10 Cities for Tech Workers.

Then look at it in terms of where information technology has opportunity for immediate application in a wide variety of local and global industries, and the Columbus Region offers distinct advantages that can’t be matched even in Silicon Valley, industry observers contend.

“When we talk to tech companies out west or some of the other hubs around the US or even abroad, if they’re in a market that’s heavily associated around tech, like the Silicon Valley area in particular, then they really don’t have a local testing ground and customer face for the technology,” says Jung Kim, managing director, research and business intelligence for Columbus 2020.

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Originally published September 25, 2017.

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