Ohio State students invest in young entrepreneurs

Photo via news.osu.edu

Story excerpt provided by The Lantern.

Written by Zach Grader.

Contrary Capital, a university-oriented venture capitalist fund, announced its nationwide launch Sept. 18, and Ohio State University is among 55 other universities to be a part of this venture capital network.

The decentralized fund is used to invest in companies just past their startup phase, said Jared Sacks, a third-year in economics and one of the fund’s student investors at Ohio State.

“We focus on companies that are in the their [minimum viable product] inflection point period, companies that have very early traction,” Sacks said. “They haven’t hit that big growth curve yet and our job is to try and get them there.”

Sacks said he works as an investor with two other Ohio State students, including Rachel Nelson, a fourth-year in finance. The two are responsible for meeting with young entrepreneurs with Ohio State ties, and evaluating their ideas.

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Originally published September 28, 2017.

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