Ohio startup Freshmade 3D bowls over public with tough AMClad 3D printing material

Story excerpt provided by 3ders.org.

Written by Benedict.

Freshmade 3D, an Ohio-based 3D printing startup, has developed a new 3D printing material that is strong enough to be made into bowling balls. The material, AMClad, is an isotropic Engineered Sand Composite that is ideal for 3D printing “large, functional, and strong objects.”

A bowling ball hardly seems like an ideal object for 3D printing. For starters, it’s supposed to be perfectly round and smooth, which means a very high resolution and lengthy post-processing is probably needed.

But a bowling ball also needs to be incredibly strong: while pro bowlers are great at caressing the ball onto the lane with minimal disturbance, most of us throw in the occasional looping pitch that causes the ball to crash down on the wood at an alarming volume.

With a weak ball, the consequences would be dire.

Click here to read the complete article.

Originally published October 4, 2017.

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