Ohio State hackathon tests computer students’ resourcefulness

Story excerpt provided by The Columbus Dispatch.

Written by Marion Renault.

The hackers brought computer monitors and power cords, of course — but also pillows, toys, boxes of doughnuts, cases of energy drinks and at least one crockpot.

If Ohio Union was going to be their home for the next 24 hours, they would need all kinds of supplies.

From Saturday morning until Sunday morning, more than 650 university students from across the region clacked away on keyboards and hunched over screens to develop programs — from idea to prototype — as part of Ohio State University’s annual hackathon.

Computer science and engineering sophomore Marie Pendley’s team brought a virtual reality headset, hand controllers and camera sensors to the programming marathon. She knew from the get-go they needed to spend their 24 hours wisely in order to create a virtual reality game from scratch.

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Originally published October 22, 2017.

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