Ohio Technology Helping Rebuild Florida and Texas After Hurricanes

Hurricane season doesn’t officially end until Nov. 30, yet this year has already seen more destructive storms than the past few years combined. The unprecedented, record-setting hurricane season we’ve had thus far in 2017 is already the most expensive on record, projected to run upwards of $290 billion in damages, more than double the previous high of $143.5 billion in 2005 following historic Hurricane Katrina. The task of repairing the hundreds of thousands of affected homes is not easy, but tech companies in Ohio are pitching in to ease the burden.

Cincinnati’s DataRole and STACK Construction Technologies, among several other Ohio companies, are leveraging their technology platforms to bring increased organization and efficiency to the rebuilding process in Florida and Texas.

DataRole is an insurance technology company whose software processes massive amounts of data from municipal permitting offices, scraping, cleaning and sorting it to arm insurers and homeowners with critical information about a house. This info, i.e. the age of the roof, history of renovations and who performed them, etc., is especially important in the wake of a natural disaster when restrictions have been loosened and unlicensed workers look to cash in on repairs. This information normally takes several days or even up to a month to track down, but with DataRole, it’s instant.

“There’s an influx of contractors flowing into areas affected by these hurricanes, and homeowners simply have no way of knowing their backgrounds. Our company validates the permitted work history of roofers and handymen across the country,” said Matt Lenahan, DataRole CEO. “Insurance carriers can leverage this data to avoid fraud and make sure homeowners are hiring the right contractors. This brings a level of trustworthiness and confidence to a process that so many families are going through right now.”

STACK Construction Technologies developed an industry-changing cloud-based software for professional construction contractors to bid and secure projects, providing information like accurate plan measurements and cost estimates. The software-as-a-service platform, one of the fastest-growing companies in the region, boosts the efficiency of construction contracting by speeding up the time it takes for crews to get to work repairing homes.

“As a former commercial roofer, I can relate to the demand and urgency that a natural disaster can bring for businesses, homeowners and especially contractors,” said Phil Ogilby, Founder and CEO of STACK Construction Technologies. “In this time of massive cleanup and repair, we hope that having access to our software will help local contractors save time and allow them to more quickly tend to the communities in need.”

STACK is offering their technology free to construction contractors rebuilding in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

Both companies are supported by CincyTech, a southwest Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. Funding and entrepreneurial support from CincyTech helped both founders grow their businesses to where they are today, successful companies with the ability to leverage their platforms, free of charge, to help in a time of crisis.

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