Cleveland-based Thermalin gets funding for diabetes research

Story excerpt provided by The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Written by Julie Washington.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Case Western Reserve University diabetes researcher Dr. Michael Weiss is determined to unlock the mysteries surrounding diabetes.

The company he co-founded, Cleveland-based Thermalin, Inc., uses cutting-edge science to alter the insulin molecule to treat diabetes. Weiss is a professor of biomedical engineering, biochemistry and medicine (endocrine) and director of the Institute for Therapeutic Protein Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Thermalin has entered into a collaboration with Sanofi, a multi-national pharmaceutical firm, to engineer new insulin analogues. The partnership between Thermalin and Sanofi, which could generate as much as $788 million, is one of the largest research and development commitments to next-generation insulin, Case said in a statement.

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Originally published November 7, 2017.

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