JUMPER Threads Re-Thinking Clothing Essentials

How much thought and consideration went into your last clothing purchase? If it was for work, a first date, friend’s wedding, or other perceived important purpose, you might have given serious consideration to the look and feel of the clothing. But what about the undershirts to go under that new button-up, sweatpants to just lounge in or socks that are just, socks? JUMPER Threads in Cincinnati, Ohio, is overthinking the articles of clothing you thoughtlessly purchase using innovative textiles and purposeful product design.

“We call it ‘un-basic basic apparel.’ Everything we design uses performance fabrics with style and comfort in mind. Things that have simply become a commodity over time are being rethought, redesigned for the better,” said Daniel Redlinger, founder and CEO of JUMPER Threads. “It all started with an undershirt. I was wearing my basic cotton undershirt and it shrunk over time to the point it wouldn’t stay tucked in. It bothered me so much that I just ran with that idea; ‘There should be better undershirts out there. Why are there not better undershirts?’”

JUMPER Threads was started in Redlinger’s basement along with his brother-in-law, Andy Mallett, who’s worked in the premium skiwear business for a decade. The pair began designing their ‘un-basic basic apparel’ with a few core values in mind: to use innovative textiles, have better design, and add breathability and stretch. These tenets have driven the product design of each piece of clothing they’ve released, including undershirts, sweatpants, peppermint leaf underwear, and jacket.

The company boasts an enthusiastic and loyal digital following which helps them essentially crowd-design each feature of their new products, from the breathable material on the underarms of their shirts, to the built-in armbands on their jackets to secure phones during runs. JUMPER Threads has created a buzz around their clothing design and technology.  Their “private” Facebook feedback group boasts nearly 3,000 active members from California to Sweden to India.

JUMPER Threads is a member of The Brandery’s 2017 class, a southwest regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The nationally-ranked accelerator recently shifted its focus towards digitally-native companies, or companies that develop physical products and sell primarily online but could benefit from retail connections. This realigned focus came at the perfect time for the company, which had achieved early success and set lofty goals to scale the company in 2017.

“We started with our undershirts and then released jogger pants, which really took off and gave us a lot of confidence in our product design. Those two items raised over $135,000 in 40 days when our goal was $20,000,” said Redlinger. “We established a very ambitious product development pipeline for 2017, including an innovative activewear jacket and underwear made of peppermint leaves, so when we heard about The Brandery’s new focus, we were all in. We’re excited to be paired with a strong branding team to help launch our new products, as well as the extensive mentorship, networks and business resources.”

JUMPER Threads’ commitment to innovation in apparel was born in Ohio. Redlinger and his co-founders believe that in Ohio, they’re in a great position to scale their company and grow their reputation even further as an international apparel brand. They thrive off the creative, marketing-minded atmosphere that’s pervasive in Cincinnati.

“The startup community in this area is thriving and I don’t feel that slowing down. If somebody asked me where they should start a business, I’d tell them there’s no better place than Cincinnati,” said Redlinger. “We have some of the best marketing agencies in the world right here supporting P&G and Kroger. Our community is filled with talented, eager branding minds. We’re lucky to have that great energy in our backyard.”

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