Enter another world at Ohio State’s virtual reality lab

Written by Jake Rahe.

Visiting faraway places, exploring space or touring the human mind are just a few of the possibilities an instructor could have in his or her classroom by using virtual reality.

Ohio State’s new virtual reality lab, which opened in July and is currently located in Mendenhall Lab, aims to help teachers and students understand the use of VR and augmented reality in the classroom, and help them apply it.

Ian Anderson, an academic technology consultant for the College of Arts and Sciences and head of the lab, wants VR to be more than a one-time use.

“We want to integrate this into a natural part of the curriculum, not try and force it or create something gimmicky,” Anderson said. “We want this to be like experience-driven education.”

VR is a relatively new technology that transports the user into different worlds with the use of a headset, which blocks out light from the user’s surrounding environment. The user engages many senses at once, like sight, hearing and touch, to have a completely immersive experience.

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Originally published November 20, 2017.

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