Akron startup that would allow users to see stock portfolios of successful investors receives $25,000 from Innovation Fund

Story excerpt provided by Akron Beacon Journal.
Written by Katie Byard.

An Akron-area startup that is developing an online platform that allows users to trade stock without paying a commission fee has snagged $25,000 from the region’s nonprofit Innovation Fund.

Users of the Echo Investing platform would only pay a fee when they “echo” other users, gaining access to detailed information about these other users’ stock trades.

The platform will let users know about successful traders — those whom users might want to emulate or “echo.”

“If you just want to trade stock [without “echoing”] another user — you can do that for free,” said Echo co-founder Dan Jones, 28, a Coventry Township resident who is a 2013 graduate of Case Western Reserve University, where he studied economics and accountancy.

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Originally published December 10, 2017.

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