Med tech growing part of Dayton start-up scene

Story excerpt provided by Dayton Daily News.
Written by Kaitlin Schroeder.

A Dayton start-up that’s developing a new kind of surgical rod wants to enter the $1 billion market of childhood scoliosis, limb development and traumatic injury cases.

AMB Surgical is now raising capital and aiming to get FDA clearance for its device, called the “flyte automated growing rod.”

It’s among more than a dozen young companies in the Dayton region trying to develop the next health care innovation.

The health care industry can be a minefield of rules and approvals needed to launch and require years of research and millions of dollars of investment to get started, but those med tech start-ups that pull together funding and get needed regulatory approval will join the nearly 4,000 bioscience companies in the state representing $5.68 billion in payroll.

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Originally published December 14, 2017.

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