Entrepreneurs building new economy in a Rust Belt city: Tech Czar Talk

Cleveland, Ohio

Story excerpt provided by Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Written by Michael C. DeAloia.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A New Year brings new hopes, dreams and aspirations. And new stories. Today we learn more about two companies that have defied the conventional wisdom that you can’t build a new economy company in a Rust Belt town. Not true.

Two entrepreneurs explain why they choose this region to launch their growing companies:

Barberton Renaissance. Jon Hallsten grew up in the suburbs of Chicago never thinking he would launch a high-tech company in Barberton, Ohio. It is a story of how one man follows the love of his life to a small city in Ohio and creates a company that may well give an identity to a town that was struggling to find its way in this new economy.

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Originally published January 14, 2018.

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