Cleveland area seeing two stories of startup success: Tech Czar Talk

Story excerpt from The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Written by Michael C. DeAloia.

Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio region are beginning to partner with some influential tech groups that could radically change how we view the tech sector. These authentic opportunities demonstrate how Cleveland could finally become the tech center it is destined to become.

Tech Founders Unite. There is movement afoot to reassess and, possibly, rebuild the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northeast Ohio. In the past, the entrepreneurial class and startup surge was “managed” by an assortment of economic development agencies and non-profits. A rigid and bureaucratic process took shape and entrepreneurs were forced into a system that felt, at times, adversarial. If a new entrepreneur needed support, there were but a few places to go and all had frustrating strings attached to their services.

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Originally published January 28, 2018.

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