University Of Dayton Researcher Uses Tech To Help Addicts Fight Drug Cravings

Story excerpt provided by WOSU.

Written by Clare Roth.

There’s an old adage: The first step to change is knowing you have a problem. Kelly Cushion, a software design engineer at University of Dayton’s Research Institute, decided to take it one step further.

She wants to change the brain chemistry of people addicted to opioids to help them see they have a problem.

One of the five $10,000 winners of Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, first proposed by Gov. John Kasich last year, Cushion created a system that allows people addicted to opioids to witness their cravings in real time. First, she suits them up with a headset or shower-cap-like device that allows them to see their brains’ electrical activity through electroencephalography, or EEG.

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Originally published February 1, 2018.

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