Babysitting app Komae, based in Akron, puts tech spin to sharing child care

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Story excerpt provided by Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Written by Julie Washington.

AKRON, Ohio – It’s expensive and time-consuming to find a babysitter for date night. So mom-entrepreneurs Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted created a business to fix that.

Their website and free app, Komae, manages a babysitting co-op among friends. Moms earn points when they watch other people’s kids, then use those points to get babysitting for date nights or other appointments. No money ever changes hands.

Since launching in 2016, Akron-based Komae has signed up nearly 9,000 participants, attracted $600,000 in funding, and won several pitch competitions. The startup also attracted $100,000 in angel investments from a local group of women investors.

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Originally published February 6, 2018.

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