Countdown to camp: Interest in coding boot camp grows in central Ohio

Story excerpt provided by 10TV News.

COLUMBUS– Don’t call them a class. The coding boot camp classroom is filled with adults learning about software development who insist you call them a “cohort”.

“Java and C# .Net are taught here. Also, you’ve got Sequelae, Javascript, Jquery and Angular is the new big one,” said Tech Elevator alum Jessica Parent.

The growing trend has many words that may not mean much to the average Ohioan, but recent graduate of the program, Jessica Parent, insists the one word everyone will understand is ‘pay’. Parent graduated from Tech Elevator months ago. She says her decision to train for more than a year at the boot camp is already paying off in her new position as a systems engineer.

“I had a $25,000 per year salary increase,” said Parent.

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Originally published February 6, 2018.

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