EndoSphere Offers a Satisfying Solution to Weight Loss

Many people are a couple months into their New Year’s resolutions of going to the gym and being more mindful of what they eat to shed a few pounds. But for those suffering from obesity, diet and exercise alone are often not enough. Many turn to medical interventions like bariatric surgery or gastric bands to jump-start their weight loss journeys. These methods can be successful but are somewhat invasive and costly. EndoSphere in Columbus, Ohio, has been developing an alternative solution — a less invasive device that uses the body’s natural physiology to help obese patients achieve safer and more effective weight loss.

“The most popular methods for weight loss right now don’t address the root of the problem. They focus on reducing the capacity of the stomach to limit the amount a patient can eat. But feeling full and satiated isn’t achieved by filling our stomachs,” said Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller, founder and Chief Medical Officer. “Satiety is a physiological response regulated by our duodenum, the first segment of the small intestine, which is the body’s metabolic control center. Following this logic, we are recalibrating the body’s metabolic response by focusing on the duodenum, tricking it into thinking more has been eaten.  This helps patients feel full faster during meals and enables their satiety to extend longer between meals.”

EndoSphere’s device, the SatiSphere® System, treats obesity and common side effects like diabetes and high blood pressure. The device is placed endoscopically in the duodenum and increases the body’s stimulation by the passage of food as it passes through this metabolic control center. This triggers hormonal responses during digestion and creates the feeling of being full. The product causes patients to eat less and ultimately achieve weight loss.

“It comes down to the fact that we’re treating obesity without incisions, staples, balloons or clamps inside the body. We’re not forcing behavioral changes through pain caused by artificially reducing the stomach’s capacity,” said Binmoeller. “We simply manipulate pre-existing physiological responses in the body that address a person’s real urge to eat. This is more natural, and based on our findings, it’s also safe and effective.”

EndoSphere developed its technology with funding assistance from Rev1 Ventures, a central Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier, as well as the Ohio Innovation Fund and other venture funds. EndoSphere’s innovative technology was discovered by Broadline Capital, the largest shareholder.

“Ohio has the resources and reputation to bring medical technology to market. It’s home to many innovative healthcare institutions and life sciences companies,” said Binmoeller. “We’ve received support from investment groups in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton, so there has been support from across the state. We continue testing and refining the product to prove it is safe and effective in patients, and we’re achieving great results. In fact, among patients who completed the latest clinical study, device-treated patients achieved 12 times greater Excess Weight Loss than the control group during the treatment period. This has us extremely excited for the future.”

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