Cordata Technology to Combat Opioid Abuse

Healthcare in the United States is among the most complex in the world, which presents complications for patient care. That’s why healthcare information technology (IT) is experiencing a massive boom, emerging as one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Cordata Healthcare Innovations in Cincinnati has developed technology to improve care and establish the company as a leader in this crowded healthcare IT space.

“Our software simplifies the overall process for patients and healthcare providers,” said Gary Winzenread, CEO of Cordata. “Using our technology, hospitals can properly assess the patient at intake, identify all of the care options, and get the right patient to the right provider at the right time. We also enable providers to reach out to patients to help them understand their care pathway and then keep them on that path.”

Cordata’s platform can automate interactions between patients and providers to verify appointments and check on symptoms through text, email, and interactive voice response technologies. The platform operates as a secure, cloud-based system, so doctors can access patient records in any treatment location without having to request patient charts or operate using incomplete information.

“Our data is not only helping patients chart their course of treatment, but it’s helping healthcare facilities be more efficient in their care,” said Winzenread. “That’s an overall win for health care.”

Cordata’s communication tools and wealth of data has been helping hospitals deliver improved care since 2015. The software company, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati and Interact for Health, was recently awarded funding by Ohio Third Frontier to adapt their innovative technology to address a rapidly growing need across the nation: opioid abuse prevention and care.

Ohio is spending $1 billion annually attacking the opioid problem from every direction including prevention, education, treatment and recovery and law enforcement. Cordata software is poised to make an impact following an instance of abuse or overdose to help coordinate access to treatment and prevent future run-ins with law enforcement.

“Addiction is a disease, and like any disease, the earlier you can identify it, the better the outcome will be. We hope to leverage UC’s algorithms based on law enforcement data to identify abusers who are at a high-risk of overdose and put them on a path to care earlier on,” said Winzenread. “We call it ‘pre-arrest diversion’ where all parties work together to provide a collaborative response to opioid users and their families following an overdose.”

Cordata Healthcare Innovations developed its platform with help from CincyTech, a southwest Ohio regional partner of Third Frontier. The company’s growth was aided by assistance from the Ohio Innovation Fund, and Winzenread says the support across the state has been a key to their success.

“This is the second company I’ve started, and I had no idea of these resources in 1998, if they were even around. Today, there’s a real community available to entrepreneurs, and we’re all better for it,” said Winzenread. “We’ve been able to find talent, mentorship and investment in Cincinnati. But even beyond that, we have organizations in Columbus and Cleveland interested in our product and ready to get involved. I don’t know that you’d find this level of support elsewhere.”

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