6 water innovators are hoping their big ideas bring big changes, big money

Story excerpt provided by WHIO. Written by Mike Rutledge.

HAMILTON — One company that visited Hamilton last week has spent four years developing machines that dispense filtered water to customers — plain, or with varying caffeine levels, flavors and temperatures — in eco-friendly containers, in 10 seconds. There are basically no costs of transporting the water, which arrives through pipes.

Another company has created a patented process using “little tornadoes” to separate wastes as people produce drinking water from salt water.

And a third company uses bubbles the thickness of human hairs and high concentrations of bacteria to remove contaminants — especially nitrogen and phosphorus — from sewage treatment plants before the water pours back into a stream or river.

Those are three of the six businesses participating in Pipeline H2O’s second-ever class of water-technology businesses that hope to use their innovations to improve the environment, provide better drinking water and also, make some money.

Click here to read the complete article. Originally published May 1, 2018.

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