Creating while disrupting: Root Insurance’s plan to add 460 workers keeps jobs in Columbus while challenging industry models

Columbus, Ohio Skyline

If Root Insurance Co. hits its target of growing to nearly 550 employees in the next five years, it would be about the same size as the Columbus office of 86-year-old Motorists Insurance Group.

The five large traditional property and casualty insurers headquartered in the city make for a fruitful recruiting ground for fast-growing startups pursuing digital models. (Motorists has a total of about 1,600 employees across multiple states.) The newcomers could remake the industry, automating much of the work of underwriters and agents, while creating jobs for data scientists and software engineers.

Click here to read the complete article, and read more in The Columbus DispatchStory excerpt provided by Columbus Business First. Written by Carrie Ghose. Originally published May 21, 2018.

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