Enable Injections enFuse Makes Self-Administered Biologics Less Intimidating

Enable Injections flagship EnSure device. via enableinjections.com

While most of us would prefer to take our medications orally, many kinds of drugs, such as biologics, must be injected. Biologics themselves, however, are often difficult to inject, as the effective dose is often large and the biologic is often viscous, requiring significant force and injection time to administer, meaning more discomfort. Patients needing these complex molecules typically must visit a clinic to have these biologics administered intravenously by a clinician.

On our recent visit to the Cincinnati area, we visited a startup called Enable Injections that has developed a device called “enFuse” that allows patients to completely self-administer biologics. It’s a wearable, or more specifically, a large volume wearable injector (LVWI) that the user adheres to their abdomen and can automatically inject a quantity of medication between 4 to 50 mL with just a press of a button.

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Story excerpt provided by Medgadget.

Written by Scott Jung.

Originally published May 22, 2018.

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