Dayton’s Emerging Startup Scene Takes Center Stage at Startup Week 2018

Dayton, Ohio

The city’s new energy and spirit of innovation will be on display June 11-15

The city of Dayton has a spirit of innovation embedded in its core. When the Wright Brothers recorded the first manned flight in 1903, the city had more patents per capita than any other city in the United States. It has a long and rich history as a center for invention and creation. And now, Dayton’s well-documented comeback is being built on the back of small businesses, specifically tech companies—the same recipe that made it a powerhouse of the early 20th Century.

Dayton is consistently ranked a top city for technology. About 20 percent, or 1 in 5, Dayton residents is employed in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) job. In its past, Dayton was anchored by institutions like NCR, Delco Labs, Frigidaire, General Motors and Mound. Now, it’s on the forefront of innovation thanks to the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Wright Brothers Institute, Emerson Climate Technologies, and GE. Beyond that, people are being encouraged— and supported— in their entrepreneurial efforts by resources like, The Entrepreneur’s Center, among others.

Its expanding network of entrepreneurs and organizations built to support them has led to major successes in 2017 and 2018, including successful companies Curafied and Battle Sight Technologies. And this energetic startup hub will undoubtedly produce many more.

The city’s got momentum, and it will be on display at Startup Week 2018!

With so much to do from Monday to Friday, we want to highlight some of the exciting speakers and events of Dayton Startup Week!  Here’s our list to help you plan your week.

Monday, June 11

Building a business with purpose on purpose (10-10:45am)

Ever wonder why some businesses seem to grow a vast following of die-hard customers? This talk will demonstrate how starting with purpose can help your business attract the right customers who will become loyal brand ambassadors.

Startup Grind Dayton Presents: How preparing for Shark Tank helped Charles, Charlynda, and Tom (4-5pm)

Three local startups have spent countless hours preparing to be on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Two of these entrepreneurs made the cut and were viewed by millions across the country, and all benefited from going through the rigorous process. Hear about their unique experiences.

Tuesday, June 12

Managing Yourself: Daily Routines and the Art of Avoiding Time Traps (10-10:45am)

Running a business often means wearing multiple hats. With little to no guidance, how can you be sure you’re using your time effectively and not just filling it with “busy” work that doesn’t actually get you closer to your sales or production goals? In this fireside chat, hear one founder’s take on the ins and outs of staying focused and prioritizing your efforts to maximize results.

Building a World Class Tech Hub in the Midwest (4-5pm)

In this keynote from Kurt Hoppe, Global Head of Innovation – Mobility & Connected Services at General Motors, Kurt will use Future of Mobility examples spanning Connected Car, Urban Mobility, Electrification and Autonomous Vehicles in his discussion on building a world-class tech hub in the Midwest.

Wednesday, June 13

What the Entrepreneurial Services Provider Program is & how it can help your business (1-2pm)
In this session, the Entrepreneurs Center’s ESP Director, Chris Wallace, will provide an overview of the program and help you determine if your business could benefit from this valuable resource.

Cashing in on other people’s experience: why you need a mentor & how to find the right one (2-2:45pm)
Learning from people who have been there, done that can accelerate the growth of your company and potentially save you from heartache and hardship. So how do you find the right mentor for your company? In this session, Michael Hiles, Director of the Founders Institute in Cincinnati, will share the ins and outs of finding and choosing the right person or people to help you along your journey.

Thursday, June 14

How to Deliver Valuable Content That Attracts Followers (1-1:45pm)

Marketing experts regularly say that to attract followers and increase engagement all you need to do is “create valuable content.” In this session, Sara Moore will break down what engaging and valuable content looks like and how you can start creating it for your company today.

How to create a brand experience that attracts the right customers (2-2:45pm)

In this session, Tiffany Ferrell of Dayton Tech Guide will identify some of the mistakes that businesses often make when developing their brands and teach you how to either avoid (or correct) those issues, so you can stop attracting the wrong customers and start connecting with the right ones.

Friday, June 15

The ESHIP Summit @ Dayton: Community Vision (8:30am-12pm)

The ESHIP Summit will try to answer the question, “How do we empower the makers, dreamers, and doers of our region?” Bringing together ecosystem builders from across the region will bring to light a greater vision that the Dayton region can strive to achieve together—one that supports and empowers people who dream of making and doing things that will make our society more vibrant and our economy more diverse.

Startup Week Dayton Closing Party (4-7pm)

Come celebrate with fellow founders and startup enthusiasts after an exciting, productive week!

To register for any of these events, be sure to visit

And if you can’t make it in-person––don’t sweat it! We’ll be posting updates throughout the week, so you won’t miss a thing!
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