How This Scientist Uses Neurofeedback to Help Addicts

Kelly Cashion, Top Idea: Neurofeedback for addiction recovery

As the opioid crisis continues to rage, so does the fight. This series about how technology is being used to combat the crisis also continues, hoping to serve as a spotlight on how technology and startups are seeking solutions…

…Last year, Ohio Governor John Kasich called on Ohio Third Frontier to find scientific solutions and technology to fight the epidemic. Through the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, which is “a three-phase, prize-based competition to find technology-based solutions that address or improve opioid abuse prevention, treatment and overdose avoidance and response,” technologists are coming together to find solutions to battle the crisis…

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Story excerpt provided by American Inno.
Written by Mark Payne.
Originally published June 7, 2018.

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