Curafied Gives Content Creators Control

The Dayton startup is disrupting the way digital content is curated and monetized

Publishing has changed significantly over time with the development of digital technologies. Videos, music releases and written works have moved away from physical distribution to electronic accessibility. But with this ease of access comes new challenges around the compensation of content creators. A system—one that’s fair to both the creator and the consumer—hasn’t been settled on yet. Curafied, a platform designed to give influential content creators more control, is offering an innovative solution.

“Curafied is a platform that allows anyone to create their own subscription-based content feed on the internet. We’re basically saying, ‘Hey, if you’ve got amazing content that others want to access, stop giving it away for free,’” said Arielle Jordan, Founder of Curafied. “Set up a page with us. Curafied puts it behind a paywall, a really reasonable paywall, which your subscribers will have no problem paying and, in turn, put money in your pocket you wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Curafied operates as a subscription service. Creators like musicians, authors and video producers can upload and host their content directly on their Curafied pages, rather than through YouTube, SoundCloud, or other hosting services. Then, they can direct their fans to the members-only content feed and build a tight-knit community while securing a steady stream of income.

Followers pay a monthly fee of $2.99––of which creators receive $1 per subscriber––and get exclusive access to content like articles, behind-the-scenes videos, and live chats with influencers they love. For artists, this solution addresses the financial instability faced through ever-changing ad monetization models of platforms like YouTube. These platforms can decide to alter their policies and dramatically affect the earning potential of creators—especially smaller ones—at any time.

“Social influencers are tired of feeling cheated by these changing models and having to beg their followers for money in exchange for rewards as funding for their content,” said Jordan. “With Curafied, these creators can rest easy knowing exactly what they can expect in recurring revenue, direct deposited, each month. And for consumers, $2.99 doesn’t feel like a big commitment for content they love. We think it’s a solution with a lot of potential.”

So did Ohio Third Frontier partner The Entrepreneur’s Center in Dayton, which is supporting Jordan with entrepreneurial services and mentorship while launching her first company after more than a decade spent in digital advertising. Silicon Valley has also acknowledged the promise of the tech startup by choosing Jordan as one of 10 female entrepreneurs from across the globe to participate in the 2018 Women’s Startup Lab spring accelerator.

“I started looking around at different tech hubs when I knew I wanted to relocate from New Orleans. Dayton won out because of the affordable cost of living, which is so important when starting out, and the community is filled with people who are ready to help,” said Jordan. “As a solo entrepreneur, I really looked for team collaboration and people to bounce ideas off of, which I found in Dayton. There are such great people in the community and it’s been the perfect place to start this company.”

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