Cloverleaf Analyzes Employee Data to Build Great Teams

The Cincinnati startup knows that many factors go into forming high-functioning teams

As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” In life, working effectively with others can be a powerful way to achieve your goals. But just as working together can lead to success, misaligned group dynamics can also lead to dysfunction and ineffectiveness. Cloverleaf in Cincinnati recognizes the importance of compatible group collaboration, which is why they built software to analyze employee data and help companies build strong, successful teams.

“We help companies build high-performing teams. Through different data sources, including personality assessments, we provide a framework for management to look at teams as groups of individuals. Ultimately, teams are made up of individuals, so it’s important to understand each member’s unique personality,” said Darrin Murriner, co-founder of Cloverleaf. “The analysis we provide helps our clients not only build better teams, but also improve relationships and communication inside those teams.”

Cloverleaf aggregates the results from popular personality assessments like DiSC, StrengthsFinder and Myers-Briggs to show the dominant behavioral traits in each person. It then algorithmically determines which team members are most likely to work well together based off individual employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

The company was formed after an experience at work opened the cofounders’ eyes to the idea that relationships and communication—as opposed to skills and performance—are actually more critical to driving overall team cohesion. When he and his co-founders Ford Knowlton, Kirsten Moorefield and Levi Bethune looked around the marketplace, they realized the serious lack of solutions; all they found were tools focused on the processes of project management.

“We all worked together at a digital marketing agency here in Cincinnati. Everything we did was team-based. There were four or five people involved in those projects and they all brought different things to the table,” said Murriner. “We had some of the typical dysfunctions of any work group, but the culture was really incredible. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what made that culture so unique, and whether we could pinpoint and recreate it. That’s how we started Cloverleaf.”

Murriner and his three co-founders grew the software as a service (SaaS) company with the help of the OCEAN Accelerator in Cincinnati, a faith-backed accelerator supported by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The team is taking things to the next level following investment from Ohio Third Frontier partner Queen City Angels, whose support is helping Cloverleaf add staff, expand its geographic reach and enhance the customer usability of its software.

The software is used by about 3,000 employees at organizations such as YMCA, 84.51° (a division of Kroger), and Miami University’s Farmer School of Business, and the Cloverleaf founders are excited to continue growing in southwest Ohio.

“We’re in such a great place to build a company. Cincinnati is home to talent we can tap into as we grow our team, strong corporate presence with big companies headquartered here, and incredibly supportive organizations,” said Murriner. “We’ve been fortunate to receive support that’s helped us grow our company, and I think that says a lot of about the kind of people in this community.”

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