We Can Code IT Brings Diversity & Inclusion to Technology

The coding bootcamp focuses on training underrepresented groups in tech – as the demand for technological skills grows nationwide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Code.org, the U.S. is staring at an estimated 1 million more computing jobs than applicants who will be qualified to fill them by the year 2020. The troublesome trend comes as technology develops more quickly than a workforce with the skills to work with it. But it also creates a great opportunity for those who pursue these fields through programs like We Can Code IT. We Can Code IT operates certified coding bootcamps—with a special focus on diversity and inclusion— in Cleveland, Columbus and, soon, Akron. “There’s a serious shortage of skilled technology professionals, but there’s even more of a shortage when it comes to women and minorities in tech. To give you some numbers, less than 18% of IT teams are comprised of women, African American and Hispanic populations,” said Mel McGee, a coder of 20-plus years and founder and CEO of We Can Code IT. “I was that girl that was the only one in her major with a bunch of men. Diversity leads to innovation, and we believe this … Continue reading We Can Code IT Brings Diversity & Inclusion to Technology