iReconCars’ Technology is Shaking Up the Car Industry

With more and more people buying used cars, iReconCars giving dealers and buyers confidence

41 million used automobiles were purchased in 2016, a record number. With more used car transactions comes more questions about the automobiles’ reconditioning history. Consumers and auto dealers in the market for pre-owned vehicles want to identify and track the changes that have been made to a vehicle before its purchase. iReconCars in Columbus is a data tracking company that builds software to give every player in the process real-time access and control in the reconditioning of vehicles. And with an exciting new partnership, they’re making noise in this growing industry.

“Consumers in today’s market want more mobile interactions with your business. They want the information, and if they have to ask for it, they move on,” said Mike Boyd, a 25-year veteran of auto dealerships and the Founder & CEO of iReconCars. “We put it all out there and say, ‘Hey here’s the information about the car, here’s where it’s located, here’s the price of it, here are the original build sheets, service history, here’s what we are currently doing in reconditioning.’ That’s appreciated by everybody involved, from dealerships to the end consumer.”

One of iReconcars’ tools, MyCarPedigree, gives consumers the option to anonymously watch the car as it runs through the reconditioning, so they can see what adjustments need to be made. When buyers can view specifically what’s been done to make used vehicles seem brand new, they feel more comfortable in their purchase. Dealerships that deploy iReconCars software can control the reconditioning process more efficiently, which Boyd says creates greater trust, transparency, customer satisfaction, more referrals and repeat sales.

iReconCars has also announced a new partnership with big-name national brand CARFAX, which gives consumers a look into the latent history of a car’s title and repair history. Combined, iReconCars’ MyCarPedigree tool and CARFAX provide more data, in real-time, to buyers. The partnership has Boyd excited for the future.

“We’ve been adding dealer partners all across the U.S. CARFAX became our partner because we give them access to information that they never had before at a real-time speed that wasn’t possible from a title-based search,” said Boyd. “They hit the button on recondition history, and they get the information right away. It’s a game changer for them and us. It’s going to help us expand faster than ever before.”

iReconCars has helped develop their technology alongside Rev1 Ventures, an Ohio Third Frontier partner in Columbus where Boyd went through the startup incubator program. Boyd and his team connected to QStart Labs, which provided them with the programming expertise they needed to build their cutting-edge software. Recently, iReconCars set up a second office in Ohio University’s Innovation Center, another Ohio Third Frontier partner in Athens. No matter where in Ohio Boyd and his team are working from, he’s confident it’s the place for iReconCars.

“Ohio has been very good to us. It’s where I’m from and it’s where I’ve learned this business. When iReconCars started, I found support everywhere I looked,” said Boyd. “When people from Silicon Valley come calling, I don’t see any reason why to take my money or my business elsewhere. We’ve got everything we need to grow this business right in our own backyard.”

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