Splash Quote-to-Cash Cloud Gives Sales Reps More Time to Sell

The software as a service eliminates time salespeople spend on administrative tasks

It should come as no surprise that sales are a crucial component of every business. As good as your product may be, it’s nothing if you can’t close and collect on the deal. Startups know this; early sales often indicate the viability of a product in the market, affecting a company’s investment potential and market growth. Because sales are important, Splash Q2C Cloud in Cleveland built a product to streamline the sales process by reducing time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up more time for salespeople to do what they do best.

“The power of the internet to connect us all opened up sales opportunities for our CRM reseller and hosting company beyond northeast Ohio,” said Alysia Hardy, Founder & CEO of Splash Q2C Cloud. “But with more sales came a lot more paperwork, requiring our team to send out more quotes, contact more customers to collect additional payments, and then ultimately to generate new orders to send to our software manufacturer for fulfillment. And that took a lot more time than we cared to spend. So, we started to ask ourselves, ‘How can we automate this?’”

The Q2C in the product’s name refers to “quote-to-cash,” vital steps in any sales process. The software solution aims to automate the burdensome, tedious tasks of manually creating quotes, collecting payment and processing orders, often eliminating the need for paper pushing at all. When less time is devoted to paperwork, sales productivity increases — in some cases by as much as 40%. The system was originally developed in-house for the founder’s CRM reseller and hosting company to eliminate its own administrative burden. Using its own solution, Splash Q2C Cloud’s sister company — DataLogic CRM — has grown its business five to ten times its size pre-automation.

“We designed the product specifically for independent sales professionals and entrepreneurs because we know how hectic and fast-paced their lives can be. It helps them do their jobs not only more efficiently, but also better, plain and simple,” said Hardy. “And it’s not just about the sales professional. By eliminating the need for word documents and complicated Excel spreadsheets, the software simplifies the buying experience for customers as well.”

To build on the solution that helped her business tackle its own sales inefficiencies, Hardy has leaned on several resources including the Northeast Ohio Innovation Fund and Flashstarts Accelerator, both partners of Ohio Third Frontier. As a member of Flashstarts 2018, Hardy and her team worked closely with northeast Ohio startup veterans to develop Splash Q2C Cloud’s go-to market strategy.

“Working with Flashstarts, I can’t say enough about their impact. The whole team is bright, enthusiastic and motivated to help us clear the hurdles we need to take our solution — which works for us — into the market to help other businesses,” said Hardy. “It’s really indicative of the region as a whole, which goes well beyond the funding opportunities of these programs. Throughout the entire region, people are coming together to support new technologies and the entrepreneurs behind them. That’s really exciting for everyone with innovative ideas in Ohio.”

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