Goodbye Resume, tilr Makes Recruiting Automatic

Hiring solution uses artificial intelligence to highlight skills and match workers to jobs

Most people applying for jobs are familiar with the “black hole,” the void that resumes enter, never to be seen again. But it’s not just job seekers who are frustrated with the radio silence, companies themselves face on average more than 250 resumes per opening, which can sometimes delay the hiring process by up to 42 days. For companies that need positions filled immediately, scouring job boards and conducting interviews are setbacks they can’t afford. tilr in Cincinnati hopes to vanquish the void and give companies a competitive edge by creating a job marketplace powered by something more straightforward: artificial intelligence.

“We’re different from traditional recruitment technology because we automate the recruitment process,” said Summer Crenshaw, COO/CMO and co-founder of tilr. “We’ve found that the core currency that mattered most in the job search was skills, so our matches are made based on aligning the skills of an individual with the required skills from the company.”

tilr’s matchmaking process is designed to eliminate the need for a resume. Individuals download the app, take a skills inventory assessment and then go through an interview with a tilr ambassador, all of which take the place of the interview process. Using artificial intelligence, tilr hopes their algorithms can present offers to job seekers within minutes of a position going live by matching their skills to the job’s requirements.

“Companies can find workers within a day of posting for a short-term gig or any month-long projects they might have,” said Crenshaw. “In Cincinnati, at the Riverbend Music Center, they need people at night to clean up, so this works perfectly for them. It also works really well in Columbus, where we’re working to put people on location for a large distribution and call center. With artificial intelligence, we’re able to find great workers with the exact skills these organizations need, but we’re able to do it much faster.”

tilr’s algorithms don’t only speed up the time between posting and hiring — they also hope to eliminate discrimination and inaccessibility from the recruitment process. Instead of viewing a candidate’s profile or job titles, the skills themselves provide point of entry. tilr also makes it a priority to provide the same benefits offered by full-time employers, including health care, financial services and training and development.

“At first, people think of artificial intelligence in a Terminator context, like ‘oh no there’s something coming after our jobs,’” joked Crenshaw. “AI for us is about inclusion, not exclusion. The traditional job recruitment process is made to eliminate you — it’s exclusive. This is about the transformation of jobs, not the elimination of jobs, so we partner with different providers to create an empathetic ecosystem within the app.”

As a member of Cintrifuse, a partner of Ohio Third Frontier in Cincinnati, Crenshaw and her team know a thing or two about transformation in regards to growing their company. And companies like CNBC have noticed, naming tilr to their list of top 100 promising startups. New ideas, including daily pay and services to help individuals grow within a company, have been also supported by experts at Cintrifuse.

“I’m a Cincinnati native, my co-founders are from New York and Toronto,” said Crenshaw. “We ended up identifying Ohio as the best place to run a beta test and have a company grow and expand. Ohio’s not only startup friendly, it’s got the resources to support the renaissance of startup initiatives. The help we’ve received here has been imperative to our success.”

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