Buckeye Interactive Helps Small Businesses and Startups Go Digital

Digital business solutions aim to fill the gap between freelancers and large design studios

When you start a small business, you end up having to wear a lot of hats. Suddenly, you’re in charge of everything from finances to marketing, and it can be hard to develop and integrate a digital footprint. That’s where Buckeye Interactive in New Albany comes in. As a small business solutions provider, they help startups with website design, development and strategy — areas where businesses may be underserved by freelancers or large studios. For entrepreneurs across the state, this specialized focus is a welcome solution.

“Buckeye Interactive is a web engineering team that works with growing, innovative businesses and help them scale more effectively,” said president Brad Griffith. “We do that by covering everything from web design and strategy to custom software in order to help these startups tell their story in a compelling way. With a digital presence, visitors have 24/7 access to a small business’ information, which can help them better serve their customers.”

With this niche focus, it’s no surprise that Griffith has entrepreneurial roots, having been raised by his father who owned his own veterinary practice. After seeing how certain digital resources, like websites, were harder to come by, Griffith made it his mission to dedicate Buckeye Interactive’s solutions to a group of people deserving of the same high-quality work utilized by larger businesses.

“Small businesses or startups will usually work with friends and family or will go to a freelancer, who might not be able to address their every need, or might not have enough experience,” said Griffith. “Even if they do go to a bigger agency with impressive work, they might end up with a design firm’s junior team because they’re considered a smaller project. Small businesses are basically underserved and overcharged, so I saw a great opportunity for us to help the individuals that are the backbone of our economy.”

Buckeye Interactive isn’t only unique because of who they serve, but for what they offer. Their small team is equally focused on design, engineering and strategy. Where a lot of companies might just focus on building a beautiful site or a robust piece of software and outsourcing other job requirements, Buckeye Interactive aims to be the one-stop-shop for startups looking for ways to improve their digital solutions across the board. The company has clients ranging from the Columbus Metropolitan Library, to Rev1 Ventures and Innovate New Albany, both partners of the Ohio Third Frontier in Columbus.

“We have a two-way relationship with these partners,” said Griffith. “Rev1 and Innovate New Albany have provided us with resources like conferences and education programs to help us grow, and in turn, we’ve helped them create and maintain their websites. It’s just one great way that entrepreneurship builds relationships and communities.”

As a Dublin native, Griffith is no stranger to Ohio’s other attractive offerings that blend family and business in the same spirit as Buckeye Interactive.

“I’ve stayed in Ohio because it’s a fantastic place for family and there’s a great community here,” said Griffith. “New Albany is very supportive of businesses; they move very quickly and offer a lot of incentives to grow. I care deeply about helping these life-changing businesses and organizations grow and expand beyond their current reach, and we’ve seen that same effort reflected in the community that we’re a part of.”

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