Go Get ‘Em: The 2019 Entrepreneurs’ Calendar

The 2019 Entrepreneurs' Calendar

A look ahead to events and conferences in the new year

Every new year, we set our goals and re-evaluate our progress. We reflect, we measure and we look ahead. For startups and entrepreneurs, the new year can present challenging and exciting opportunities. This year, no matter your resolution, we’ve compiled a list of the best startup and entrepreneurship events happening in Ohio (and beyond) in 2019. So, grab your calendar and get ready to grow!

TechStars Startup Week

  • Columbus – April 8-12
  • Cleveland/Cincinnati – coming soon
  • Dayton – June 3-7

 Nothing quite says “entrepreneurship” like TechStars Startup Week. Hosted in different cities around the globe, this five-day event brings together entrepreneurs, local leaders and organizers to celebrate their communities. Startup Week brands itself as “more than a conference” and focuses on providing insights that are unique to each startup space by hosting events where attendees can connect and network. In Ohio, TechStars Startup Week has multiple event locations that are focused on bringing together the vision and voices of entrepreneurs across the state. Don’t see your startup scene listed? They look for hosts in different cities to spread the word, so add this event to your calendar and start planning!


Columbus –  March 4

For entrepreneurs residing in the state’s capital, this pitch competition is sure to bring new energy and ideas to the nonprofit startup space. With sponsors like the Kiwanis Club of Columbus and  Rev1 Ventures, a partner of Ohio Third Frontier, Philanthropitch’s goal is to help fund innovative nonprofits that aren’t covered by traditional grants. This unique focus is sure to stir up excitement among entrepreneurs and residents with concepts that are looking for a boost to impact their communities. This inaugural event is one that movers and shakers will want to keep on their radar.

Startup Scaleup

Cleveland – June 19

The Startup Scaleup “festival” might as well be synonymous with the Cleveland startup scene as a whole. This all-day event allows entrepreneurs and small business members to attend workshops, panel discussions and networking events. Even the name itself speaks to the way that the conference provides opportunities for new startups to mingle with those who are looking to scale their business. Access to resources is also at the forefront of the Startup Scaleup experience — the event acts as JumpStart’s annual meeting and a way for community members to become familiar with the tools at their disposal. Clevelanders should plan early, this is one you won’t want to miss.

The Medical Capital Innovation Competition 

Cleveland – April 17-18

Startups with innovative AR, VR and XR healthcare ideas will have the opportunity to demo their technologies and make their best pitch to an esteemed panel of judges for cash prizes and collaboration opportunities at the third annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition.

The Medical Capital Innovation Competition is a two-day pitch competition providing participants a platform to address how augmented reality, virtual reality and cross reality technologies will engage patients and clinicians and take healthcare to new levels.

Submit your AR/VR/XR healthcare technology innovation by March 15, 2019 by visiting mcic.bioenterprise.com.

Tech Elevator Student Open House

Cincinnati – January 21

 Sometimes, you might want a more immersive experience than a two-day weekend event. This is where Tech Elevator comes in. The goal of this course is to elevate careers in fourteen weeks by teaching people coding and providing career services. The organizers at Tech Elevator know that this kind of program can be as daunting as it is exciting, so they offer multiple events throughout the year where potential students can come learn about their “bootcamp” style classes.  By insisting it’s never too late to start learning and providing real student testimonials, you might find that this one event will change the trajectory of your career in 2019.

HAkron 3000

Akron – October 6-7

Major League Hacking might sound like a new baseball team, but don’t be fooled. The parent organization of HAkron 3000 is a student hackathon organization focused on empowering communities and teaching coding skills to over 63,000 students. HAkron 3000, one of their 200+ hacking events, is hosted by the University of Akron and provides students the opportunity to form teams to create an innovative project. At the end of the competition, the winners are crowned and tech-savvy students go out into the world with real, resume-building experience.

Women in Digital National Conference

Columbus – September 18

You read that right, a national conference is in Ohio’s own backyard. Featuring main stage panels and keynotes, power hours and workshops, networking events and more, Women in Digital is focused on empowering and inspiring women across the digital/tech spectrum. The event is also an extension of the Women in Digital group, which boasts thousands of members across the country who celebrate sisterhood by lending a helping hand to female entrepreneurs. Whether looking for a local chapter or attending an event grabs your attention, keep your eye on this inclusive organization.

Escape Corporate: From Employee to Entrepreneur

Toledo – Jan 16 – 30

Need something that works within your work schedule? Try taking an online webinar hosted by Toledo’s startup community. Throughout the Escape Corporate presentation, you’ll get tips and tricks for how to transition from employee to entrepreneur. The goal: establish good practices that allow those in the workforce to begin to transition their mindset, time and resources toward starting their own business. For many, the move to entrepreneurship is a risky undertaking. By tuning into this webinar, you can avoid common pitfalls experienced by those who have tried their hand at creating and scaling successful startups.

Travel for Work?

Maybe you want to skip town for a bit and attend a conference outside of Ohio. Here are some important dates you might want to save your flight points for:

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to accomplish your goals and grow during the new year, start planning early. With these conferences, workshops and events, you can face challenges and new opportunities head-on in 2019!

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  1. Tanya Conrath // January 23, 2019 at 1:21 PM // Reply

    We’ve got a pretty unique and cool event happening in Athens February 22 called the “Business of Games Summit” put on by the Center For Entrepreneurship and GRID Lab at Ohio University http://gridlab.ohio.edu/bogs/

    “The Ohio University Business of Games Summit is a confluence of students, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry participants who are actively involved or want to know more about the business of digital games and e-sports. The summit, unlike many other industry conferences, focuses on the business of games, not just the technology or development of games themselves. We want to see the industry from the perspective of a young entrepreneur, an investor, a software or hardware developer, a publisher, or from player or spectator. We hope to make the summit an annual event that will continue to promote the industry and opportunities in Ohio, and ultimately encourage the creation of digital games, technologies, and companies throughout the Midwest.”

  2. Thanks for the post! It’s always worth throwing in Content Marketing World too. This year it’s September 3-6, 2019 up in Cleveland. Here’s the link to the 2019 event https://www.contentmarketingworld.com/.

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