Video Delivery Platform Goes Over-the-Top for Mid-Sized Companies

Inmobly Video Delivery Platform Goes Over-the-Top for Mid-Sized Companies

Inmobly gives smaller content providers access to video streaming services 

How do you watch your favorite binge-worthy shows these days? If you’re like the 57 percent of all Americans who use a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu, you might just be onto the next big trend in media and entertainment. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2022, around 55 million consumers will have cut the cord with the cable company, opting to stream instead. Recognizing this pattern, Columbus-based inmobly — which began by profiling individuals to relay their interests and preferences to networks — has added over-the-top video delivery services and new leadership to their technology stack.

“We first grew out of Hesham El Gamal’s efforts and a series of grants that were offered by The Ohio State University,” said chief commercial officer Richard Johnson. “Then, we decided to build on top of our predictive technology by offering a full over-the-top solution. This means we provide an operator the ability to bring content to their network, manipulate that content so it can be distributed over the internet and offer backend services that support their subscription.”

Instead of servicing content giants like Verizon and Netflix who require a lot of resources for customization, inmobly focuses on the mid-tier market, with regional telecommunications and cable operators or content publishers. By helping mid-sized companies go direct-to-consumer with their services, inmobly is working to ensure they have the technology and operational know-how to reach their customers.

“As an end user, let’s say you’re subscribed to a local cable company and they offer services to your home, but you would like to be able to start watching a movie in your living room and continue watching it when you go to Starbucks,” said Johnson. “We enable the multi-screen experience and allow the operator to provide more services over the internet to give their customers access to more content.”

Other important additions to inmobly? CEO Richard Cohen, former home video executive at Disney and Johnson himself, a Silicon Valley transplant from Kaltura that develops back-end video technology for the likes of HBO. Even after signing on some of the biggest names in video tech, inmobly still finds valuable support in early mentors like  Rev1 Ventures, a partner of Ohio Third Frontier in Columbus.

“For a young company, places like Rev1 provide space and shared resources without having to invest in daily operational costs,” said Johnson. “They enabled a young company like inmobly to develop relationships in the marketplace that complement our offering — they’ve really been an invaluable partner for us.”

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