Developing Ohio’s Future Tech Workforce

Developing Ohio’s Future Tech Workforce

Twelve years ago, Ohio invested $1.6 billion in Ohio Third Frontier, which laid the groundwork for entrepreneurs, startups, and incubators to launch. That investment is paying off. Today, there are some 25 incubators and accelerators throughout the state, fostering creative tech solutions across industries, while Ohio’s Fortune 500 firms often create their own innovation labs to spur advances.

But it’s not just the large firms and “unicorn” startups making strides. In data analytics, computer science, and cybersecurity, Ohio is moving to the forefront in not only developing technology talent, but also becoming home to the innovative companies making the most of that talent.

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Story excerpt provided by Innovation & Tech Today.

Written by Ted Griffith, managing director of information technology at JobsOhio.

Originally published January 23, 2019.

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