Startups vs. The Opioid Crisis


University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland is working to combat the national opioid crisis by shining a spotlight on the many companies, technologies, and innovators that are exploring new frontiers in the name of advancing patient care.

As a prize recipient in the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, a team at UH is developing a computer-aided dispatch technology for opioid surveillance and tracking in real-time. The tool would identify patients at-risk for addiction or opioid use disorder, make referrals to nonpharmacologic resources, and identify opportunities for patient education pre-discharge on opioid use and disposal.

Recently, UH brought together some of the other prize recipients including Apportis, Brave Technology Coop, Innovative Health Solutions, InteraSolutions,,, DynamiCare Health and Prapela, Inc. to share ideas, build relationships and collaborate to better the health of our communities.

prapela  soar

The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge is a global competition seeking new approaches and technology solutions in the battle against drug abuse and addiction.  It is a multi-phase, multi-million-dollar prize competition with escalating prize amounts associated with progressive levels of solution development. The final phase of the challenge is currently underway with companies further developing their technology for market entry.

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